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Purchase via Bitcoin

  1. Download or Open Cash App.

  1. Cash App is available at both the Apple App and Google Play stores. If you haven’t opened an account yet, you’ll need a few pieces of information to get started. Your application for an account will require:

    An email address
    A phone number
    A bank account or debit card number

    You’ll also need to enter your name and pick a unique $cashtag. The cashtag is used as your platform handle and other Cash App clients can send you money using only the unique cashtag. It’s public too, so choose a name that won’t embarrass your mother.

  2. Fund your account.

  3. You’ll need to fund your Bitcoin purchase with money already in your account, so be sure to have funds available. Use the debit card or bank account you have saved on the app to transfer some cash if you don’t have a balance already. You’ll need more information to complete a bank transfer as well, such as your name, Social Security number and home address. You’ll also need to create a PIN to confirm transactions; choose something you won’t forget easily (or write it down). Actually, do both of these things.

  4. Decide how much Bitcoin to buy.

  5. Once you’ve funded your account, you’ll need to decide how much Bitcoin to buy. Bitcoin is one of hundreds of different cryptocurrencies, but it’s the largest with more than $1 trillion in market cap. Despite its size and new-found acceptance by the finance industry, Bitcoin remains a volatile asset that trades 24/7. The 1st Bitcoin was mined in 2009, so we’re still in the early stages of Satoshi Nakamoto’s long-term experiment. Devote a portion of your investment portfolio to Bitcoin, but don’t buy it at the expense of other investments, like stocks. 

  6. Execute your trade.

  7. Now that you have cash in your account and the groundwork laid out for your trade, let’s buy some Bitcoin. Open the Cash App and navigate to the Investing tab. Once there, find Bitcoin and tap on it to open the trading screen. Select Buy and enter the amount you want to purchase. You can set up your transaction as a one-time or recurring buy, so choose whichever option fits your investment plan. Punch in your PIN, execute your trade and you should have your Bitcoin in your account.

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II. You can also buy any Crypto with your credit card here :

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