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T3 Tablets by British Dragon

T3 Tablets by British Dragon
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T3 Tablets by British Dragon

T3 Tablets by British Dragon

T3 Innovcare Capsule 10's are nutritional supplements that are used to treat low red blood cell levels caused by different problems or long-term sickness. It is used to prevent and cure low folic acid levels in the blood caused by certain medical problems (anaemia, pregnancy, inadequate diet, surgery recovery). Its shortage is caused mostly by a poor diet, poor absorption of food, or excessive folate utilization in the body (in pregnancy). Anaemia is a disorder in which the body does not have enough red blood cells to transport the necessary oxygen to various bodily parts.

T3 Innovcare Capsule 10 includes L-methyl folate, generally known as folic acid (a kind of Vitamin B9), which is commonly used to treat anaemia (low red blood cell). T3 Innovcare Capsule 10 works by increasing the body's synthesis of red blood cells (RBC). As a consequence, the body produces an acceptable amount of RBC, ensuring that each tissue in the body receives an adequate supply of oxygen.

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