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Sildabol Tablets by British Dragon

Sildabol Tablets by British Dragon
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Sildabol Tablets by British Dragon

Sildabol Tablets by British Dragon

Sildabol Tablets is a PDE5 inhibitor prescription medicine. Viagra is one of the most commonly prescribed oral drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It is available in doses of 25, 50, and 100 mg. Sildenafil is also available as a 20 mg tablet called Sildabol, which is intended to treat pulmonary hypertension.

Sexual stimulation induces the release of nitric oxide (NO) into the corpus cavernosum of the penis, resulting in increased blood flow and an erection. This mechanism is disrupted in men with ED by a substance known as phosphodiesterase type 5. (PDE5). Sildenafil works by inhibiting the effects of PDE5 and allowing the process to proceed normally. Simply said, Sildabol Tablets enhance the volume of blood flow into the penis in order for a guy to get an erection when sexually stimulated.

Sildenafil citrate is the active element in each Sildabol Tablets tablet. Sildabol Tablets can be added in the following amounts, depending on the pill strength: 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg

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