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Andropen 450 by British Dragon

Andropen 450 by British Dragon
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Andropen 450 by British Dragon

Andropen 450 by British Dragon

In essence, it is a synthetic mixture of five testosterones. It supports testosterone levels, which are important for sperm generation, sex drive, and the health of the prostate and reproductive organs. It is useful for testosterone replacement therapy. Additionally, Andropen 450 reduces extra body fat, increases muscle mass, strength, and physical endurance, which allows people who participate in strong sports to perform at a higher level. The substances speed your metabolism, preventing fat from building up in your body.

Because Andropen 450 is a testosterone compound and has higher-than-average anabolic properties, it encourages the growth of lean muscle. It is well known that after the age of fifty, testosterone levels decline and sexual health suffers as a result. This item can be useful in this regard. Despite the fact that this product has stronger anabolic effects, the organs are not overworked. Before use, a doctor will typically advise a few blood tests to assess the overall health of the body.

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