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T3 by Axiolabs

T3 by Axiolabs
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T3 by Axiolabs

T3 by Axiolabs

T3 from Axio Labs is a medical hormone medication (a medicine in the thyroid hormone group) that is also extensively used as a performance enhancer. It is efficiently used in sports practice by both genders (male and female), ages (over 18 years), physical fitness levels, and experiences with sports pharmacology (from beginners to professional athletes). Because the purpose of purchasing this product is typically weight loss, it is primarily utilized during cutting cycles.

The active ingredient in this medication is Liothyronine, a synthetic analogue of the natural hormone triiodothyronine (T3), the active form of thyroid hormones with the most biological action. Liothyronine was authorized for human use because: when the recommendations are followed, it varies primarily in terms of adverse effects; it is not a steroid, and it lacks androgenic qualities, particularly a narcotic, addictive component.

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